Don’t let back, neck, or joint pain decide how you live your life.

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I havent had any pain medicine in weeks. Its really great, I'm so happy! I tell people about you all the time
Protera Health user
When I looked at the video, I realized just because I have osteoarthritis in my knee, it doesn't mean I have to have surgery.  These videos are good for me, they change my way of thinking. You guys are awesome.
Protera Health user
You gave me a lot of support from a lot of areas all at once, and I really appreciate it. It just means so much to me, and I can't say enough how much I appreciate what you all have done for me.
Protera Health user

Protera Health helps patients through three easy steps:



We perform health assessments focused on patients as a whole, including their physical health, pain coping, and emotional health.



Protera Health connects patients with the right services at the right time.



Whether by phone, Zoom, or text message, we are here for you on your health journey.

How we work

Protera Health uses scientifically proven data to improve outcomes

Today's health care is disjointed, with little to no communication or collaboration between the patient, medical team, and insurer. Information tends to flow away from the patient throughout the care.

Elderly man looking at a mobile device with a nurse

We ask the right questions

We ask you scientifically validated questions about YOU and your health to better understand your baseline health and immediate needs​. Only then can we set targets and improve decision-making.

We give you what you need

We create a customized care journey to help you reach your pain and function goals.

We focus on education

Based on your needs, we provide you with resources and education to help you take that next step to recovery. Our interactive platform provides you with the tools you need.

We monitor your outcomes

Our focus is to not only measure health outcomes but to make sure that you see your outcomes in action. Expect us to followup, ask you more questions, and find ways to partner with you to keep improving your journey.

Real people, real results

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