About us

Protera Health is a patient-facing platform that transforms patient engagement and outcomes by leveraging meaningful data


Our background

Protera Health was formed out of a partnership with the Henry Ford Health System with the mission of leveraging meaningful clinical data in order to improve health care outcomes and costs. Unlike other data-driven health care companies, we focus on engaging patients with outcomes that matter most to patients, such as patient reported outcome measures​.

The founding team of Protera Health is unique in its expertise in PROM delivery, patient engagement, and clinical informatics, with prior work featured in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Eric Makhni, MD MBA

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Melvin Makhni, MD MBA

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Sonya Makhni, MD MBA

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Svetlana Makhni

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Ken Yamaguchi, MD MBA


Rod Jazinski


Emily Fisher RDN, CD

Nutrition and Lifestyle Lead

Tara Lynch-Stempfer, DPT

Physical Therapy Lead

Bill Greaves