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Getting the right care, at the right time

Protera Health partners with payors, providers, and employers to deliver value-based care powered by patient reported outcomes. With a foundation built on years of clinical research, we know how to help you improve the health and experience of your population.

Multiple pathways to value

Answer a few questions about how you are doing and how we can help you get better.

Improved patient experience

Improve satisfaction and experience scores via thoughtful engagement and personalized care pathways.

Less unnecessary utilization

A focus on delivering the right treatment to the right patient, preventing unnecessary surgeries.

Powerful data-driven insights

Guide quality assessments including patient reported outcome, social determinants of health and more.

Empowering your members with Protera Health

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Meaningful, personalized health assessments

Provide members with baseline health data with regards to numerous health domains. Our advanced benchmarking capabilities help patients understand their true functional and pain status.


Concierge care... without the price tag

Founded by physicians, the team at Protera Health understands all too well how hard it is for patients to get access to the services they need the most and stay connected. Not only do we match patients with services, but we also activate patients around their health data in order to improve compliance and outcomes. We continue to follow-up and engage with patients along their journey, so you don't have to.

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Putting a focus on follow-up

In the real world, patients who don't return to the clinic are "lost to follow-up", and no one knows if these patients are struggling or thriving. Our care pathway protocols make sure to stay engaged with our patients throughout the course of our partnership.

How we work (and why we are different)

Driving value-based care through patient reported outcomes

Today's health care is disjointed, with little to no communication or collaboration between the patient, medical team, and insurer. Information tends to flow away from the patient throughout the care.

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We ask  the right questions at the right time

Armed with years of experience in administering patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), we understand how to collect this invaluable data and apply it toward improving health outcomes and improving the patient experience.

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We activate patients with their data

Most providers do not collect patient reported outcomes, let provide education. We fix that by activating patients around these metrics, so that they understand which treatment options are best for them, and how compliance improves their health.

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We guide care to the highest-value

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for patients with a given condition. We find the best options for patients based on their unique health status across numerous domains, such as physical, mental, and pain health.

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Unparalleled population-level health insights

How can you optimize value for your population if you don't have line of sight into these metrics? Just like with individual patients, Protera Health empowers payors, providers, and employers with the data needed to improve population health and experience.

Partner with Protera

Partnering with value-focused groups in shifting the paradigm of patient-driven care.


Boost the patient experience, education, outcomes, all while lowering costs of care.


Protera Health connects your team members with the right services at the right time, and makes sure health improves.

Providers & ACOs

Whether trying to improve performance in risk-bearing contracts or simply looking to improve quality of care for patients, we have you covered.

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